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18-19 March School holidays

(best suited for ages 10-17 years)





The Power of Patience 2015 主題:耐⼼心的⼒力量 參加者將接受專注⼒力訓練,並學習控制情緒.

Participants train in mental focus and learn to manage their emotions.


Highlight :

Mr Ooi Kaoyang, M.Sc Astronomy, will track down with his powerful telescope – Jupiter, the constellations Orion (The Hunter) and Canis Major (Big Dog; Saturn & the crescent moon.


由天⽂学家⻩杲阳先⽣带领. 藉由⾼高倍望远镜探索

 周三晚上 :木星;星座猎户座(猎人)和大犬座(大狗)



Things to bring : 須帶物品

- your own tent or sleep in the hall with your own sleeping bag.

– pen & notebook, toiletries & towel, mosquito repellant, change of clothing, water bottle, pillow case。

請⾃自帶帳篷或⽤用于在⼤大廳 內過夜的睡袋. 

筆和本, 洗漱⽤用品和⽑毛⼱巾,驅蚊藥,換 洗⾐衣服,⽔水瓶,枕頭套.



Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre 地點:慈悲噶當巴 佛教中⼼心 49 Jalan Cengai, Melodies Garden 美乐花园 80300 Johor Bahru. 

Fees 費⽤用:

RM55 for 2 D/1 N 兩天⼀一夜 Please book by 15/3. Tel / 012 427 3380



 Simply Meditate – suitable for beginners 

Every Friday: 11:00 ~ 11:30am, 11:30am ~ 12:00 (for parents with babies)
Fee: Free of charge
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Meditation for Kids – Thursdays 5.30-6.30pm

New class commences April 25th 2014 5.30-6.30pm

Best suited for ages 5-12 years. RM5 per child.

Stories, games, art & craft, acting; improves concentration.

“If every child were taught meditation, there would be less violence in the world”.


How to Meditate & Improve Relationships

benefits of meditation

Based on the book Eight Steps to Happiness

Sundays : 11:00am ~ 12:30pm (not on 20/4)
Facility fee: RM10


Meditation is an essential skill to learn as it helps us better cope with life’s problems. Decisions made from a place of calm and composure tend to be more constructive.
Each class will include:
  •  guided meditations to relax body and mind.
  •  tips on how to improve concentration and energy.
  •  a practical meditation to enhance our positive attitudes & improve relationships.
  • time allocated for question & answer.

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                       Modern Buddhism class Modern-Buddhism-HBnobk

Every Wednesday: 7:30 ~ 9:00pm  


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