Category: Regular Classes

People from all walks of life attend our classes – young and old, religious and atheist. Some simply want to learn how to meditate, and these classes are perfect for this purpose. Others want to find out more about Buddhism, and so the talk (and meditation) are of benefit to them.

Mindful Children 正念孩子

STRESS BLOCKS MEMORY! 压力减底学习能力和记性! Mindful Children are more focused and caring. This weekly course will help your child to concentrate without causing them stress. Mindful children are more focused and caring. Best suited for...

Simply Meditate

Fridays: 11:15 ~ 11:45am Relax, refresh, re-focus. Suitable for beginners.  Free of charge. Treat yourself to a half-hour session of simple guided meditation with Anne.   Parents with babies / toddlers are welcome.


华语佛学课程班  Programmes in Mandarin    初级禅修课程 Meditation for Beginners 星期四 9.00 – 9.30am  免费 现代佛法  普级课程班 Modern Buddhism Class 星期四  8.00pm – 9.00pm   RM5 如意宝共修 (中文) Wishfulfilling Prayers (Chinese)免费 星期一     8.00am – 9.00am  星期二,星期三,...