General Program

Refuge Retreat (March 16 to 19, 2020)

If we are unable to practise refuge purely we will not enter Buddhism, and if we do not enter Buddhism we will have no opportunity to attain permanent liberation from suffering or the supreme happiness of enlightenment.

We will train in strengthen our practise of refuge in this retreat. You may attain part of all of the sessions. We shall use part of the Wishfulfilling Jewel prayer in this retreat.

March 16 to 20 (Mon to Fri)

  • Session 1: 8am-9am
  • Session 2: 10am-11am
  • Session 3: 11.45am-12.45pm
  • Session 4: 1.45pm-2.45pm (Wishfulfilling Jewel puja)
  • March 16 (Mon, Session 1 with briefing): 8am-915am
  • Thur and Fri, 3 sessions only

Please call the centre 07-3311063 for more information.